Slots 2016: Casino Slot Machine

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Slots 2016This android app is all about slots. The excellent graphics and casino-like play takes the gamer straight to the floor and simulates the rush of being amongst the rows of machines. With an easy format and solid gameplay, the overall experience is fun and easy. Any android user can access this game for free with in app purchases that allow the gamer more access to various components of the game. There are a little over twenty different slot machines to choose from, all with different and exciting themes that allow the gamer the same variety to a casino floor.

The coins that are at your disposal arrive every hour, allowing the gamer to have gameplay without purchase quicker than other slot machine apps. The sound effects are pretty average but give the user that tense and exciting adrenaline rush of pulling the lever and waiting for the columns to fall still with great reactive sounds when bonuses or big wins are made.

The interface is pretty easy to use and understand. You have the options to press boost, line, bet, double, or auto-spin, with every spin that starts the game. The game is very enjoyable for slots enthusiasts and beginners alike and fairly accurate representation of a real slot machine. This game is definitely a simple one. If a gamer is looking for advanced gameplay with intense interactions and role-playing, then look elsewhere. This is a game that offers exactly what it states and should be taken at face value.

The entire game is for fun only, without any real payouts. This can detract some gamers that are looking for the bug payout and should be recognized right away so that the gamer doesn’t feel scammed or taken advantage of when they realize that there are no actual payouts. The winning ratio imbedded in the game is fairly accurate and has lots of treasure chest bonuses that offer cool prizes.

Just like real slot machines the game offers a real like jackpot for each machine and has a similar payout percentage to a real slot machine. Overall the experience is fun and easy and comes at the very convenient price of being free and recommended for anyone looking for the slots casino experience.

The game can be addicting and is easily accessible through android phone users anywhere. The best part is the various graphics that come up with each spin and the easy access that allows for just about anyone to play. Overall it is a fun and similar experience to a real slot machine.

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