Triple 100x Pay Slot for Android

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Android Triple 100x Pay SlotThe Triple 100x Pay Slot game was developed for apple products, Android versions and tablet technology so as it can entertain its users or clients. It was released into Android stores on the 22nd of January 2015 and ever since users on both products have has access to the produced by downloading it freely. The developer of the amazing game is Bomzy Apps has developed Double 100x pay slot game which had numerous downloads from online stores by Android and tablet users around the globe. The serial and software version details about Triple 100x pay slot are as follows; The games ASIN number on the user’s phone or I stores is B00SK0PBYW, dynamic content is available as well as its number 11,417 in app store for Android and number 7116 in app store for Android.

The gaming application is very adaptable and covers less memory of just 11 MBs. You should not mistake Triple 100x play slot to be one of the cheap games that are made with no due diligence and are boring to players, no! Triple 100x is a specially designed game that has the latest graphic designs to enhance entertainment and appealing vision by the player. While playing, the game has other features like bonuses that are frequently awarded which is a traditional tactic of retaining the player’s interest and keep glued onto the game and keep entertained, two wild multipliers have over 300 times pay! This means that chances of a player losing a game are minimal, and the game continues to an infinity. The game is equipped by an authentic Vegas feeling by having two bonus games namely Match 3 Game and Spin the Lucky Wheel for your Fortune Game. To add on top of this are the ability of the game to give the player big jackpots as well as having realistic game sounds.

For Android, the game is not much different. The APK version code of Triple 100x slot game is 1.0 and is compatible to Android versions 2.3 and above. The application on Android is very easy to play as it offers huge jackpots of up to $100,000. There is a feature of allowing players to compete with other players daily so that they can be on top of the leaderboard.

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