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iOS Big Win SlotsThere is a reason why the classic look of Las Vegas slot machines never go out of style. People know what to expect from quality slot games. The imagery of gold coins and cherry symbols bring forth traditional images of winning and, hopefully, winning big. With the Big Win Slots, players can enjoy the “age old” days of simple slot machine designs. Sometimes, simple is the best and the more preferred of all game designs. Big Win Slots surely will appeal to those who love the modern approach to slot gaming via downloadable apps while still yearning for the days of traditional slot games.

The graphics are in line with other earlier versions of the game and significant improvements have been made. Visually, this is a very impressive looking slot game. The images are sharper and clearer and anyone playing is going to make playing a lot more fun. The graphics have that outstanding cartoon-style look old time slot games possess. The look is wonderfully retro while, at the same time, presenting modernized animation that brings each spin to life.

The ability to perform spins is easier than ever before thanks to the auto-spin function. Auto-spins are simply spins that follow a pre-programmed decision made by the player. Some do like to play manually on a slot game. That is fine. Others do wish they could set up an auto-spin function. Big Win Slots delivers on both fronts and this contributes to its popularity.

As far as the betting component goes, there are some excellent improvements put into place with this release. A better deal is available when you purchase a coin packages. Simply put, you get more coin credits for what you pay and that is definitely going to be appealing to those looking to get the more bang for their buck and coins.

What can you do with those extra coins? You can bet more of them. Not only can you place more wagers thanks to the coins acquired, the maximum betting threshold has been increased. This is a great feature that is going to appeal to anyone hoping to really get the high roller experience. Who says you have to travel all the way to Las Vegas to bet big on slots? Big Win Slots brings Las Vegas to you.

This is a solid app. Check it out and enjoy the legendary Vegas experience right from your mobile device.

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