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SlotomaniaThe Slotomania casino is available free via iTunes. Upon download, you receive 10000 coins. Special bonus coins at the bottom of the page are available every 3 hrs. A Lotto bonus is available in 3 days. Coins can also be purchased starting at $1.99. Coins do go fast, but in a short time you can have more coins. A bonus coin feature is the piggy bank in the upper right hand corner. You accumulate coins in your piggy bank. You can break the piggy bank for $2.99. If you shake your iPad, you can hear the coins in the bank! If you connect to Facebook, you can play with friends and receive free coins and gifts from friends. If you win something big, you can share the excitement with friends.

Upon first coming into the game Lobby, only a few slot games are unlocked. Don’t be disappointed. As you play a game, there is a booster bar along the top tool bar. When this booster bar is filled, a new game will be unlocked. You will be surprised how quickly games unlock. If there is a game, you immediately want to play you can unlock that game by paying a fee to unlock. The games are not recognizable games found in a live casino. Nevertheless, the games are similar in style to live casino games, fun with nice graphics, and have different bonuses and scatter pays.

The controls on the individual game pages are very straight forward. There are up / down arrows for number of lines to play and amount being bet per line. There is also a max bet button. For auto spins, you have a choice of 25, 50, 100 or 200 spins. You can cancel the auto spins at any time. Always at the top left hand corner is the Lobby button to return to the main page.

On the left side of the game page, there are two arrows. Clicking on the arrows will hide or unhide a list of players. Clicking on a player will show if they are on Facebook and if so you can contact them. In the top upper right hand corner, you can access your Inbox, Friends and Settings pages. The setting area is where you can turn off sound and notifications or even remove games you don’t play

Live Tournament play is available and is accessed by the button in the lower left hand corner of the Lobby. Here you can join tournaments. There is always a tournament that is underway or about to begin. There is a history button where your wins from previous tournaments are displayed. Slotomania is a fun slot game. Just keep in mind, that if you are looking for live casino game titles or video poker, you will not find them here.

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