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Wizard of Oz SlotsDorothy and Toto need you help in this classic tale so they can make it to Oz and help Aunty Em and the gang back at the farm. Start your journey in Kansas and make your way through all of the levels to reach Emerald City. The journey has its fair share of stops, bonuses, and mini-games along the way, so enjoy a special surprise around every corner in the game. Let’s take a closer look at the game, some of the features/levels, as well as how you can get it for your device today.

Visual and Gaming Appeal

For those who are truly fans of the classic Judy Garland story, the Wizard of Oz slot game will keep you fully immersed in the story and having to conquer some of the evils Dorothy faced throughout her journey. With the Wicked Witch of the East also comes the good of Munchkin land, the yellow brick road, and the Good Witch. They will help you on your journey as you go along, providing you with special bonus games, free spin opportunities, and a wealth even the Great Oz himself couldn’t fathom. You’ll also run into the Tinman, Scarecrow, and the Cowardly Lion in your travels along the yellow brick road. Watch of for the evil Witch and her gang of flying monkeys as they don’t want you to progress towards those large gates to end your journey.

The graphics of the game itself are fantastic and visually appealing for the player. Each level takes you through animated scenes and instances you’ll find in the film itself. The bonus games are well thought out and they change each level, as do the characters featured on the reels of the game. Leveling up doesn’t take that much effort and you are given a nice bankroll of 2 million credits when you start the game. You can advance your credits through playing each day. When you are playing you also receive experience points that lead you to bigger bets and healthy coin bonus amounts as well.

Compatibility and Add-Ins

This game, brought to you by Zynga, is available for free download via the iTunes App Store. Downloading times vary, as this feature has a lot of added-in special effects and a story mode sort of feel to it. On the interactive scale this game would score extremely high because the story and journey it takes you through make you feel as if you are playing as Dorothy. The game is really well done and is highly recommended for those who like variety in their types of slots. As you advance levels the slots, bonus games, and free spin features change completely, as does the music, the setting, and the characters featured.

There are certain in-app purchases you can make, but you aren’t required to do so to advance from Kansas to Emerald City. Coin regeneration times are rather generous and you can receive multiple bonuses for connecting through Facebook and checking in each day. Since this app is available through the iTunes store you’ll find it compatible with almost all Apple devices (iPod, iPhone, iPad, etc.).


Do you have what it takes to defeat the Wicked Witch of the East and help you’re newly formed friends make it to Oz? Take the journey with Dorothy today and help her and Toto reach her dreams of the Emerald City. Don’t forget your red sparkled shoes!

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